A selection of published poems:

Spilt Tea (Myanmar Times, 2013 – also featured in the anthology ‘Collecting Water While it Rains, 2016).

The Ex-Revolutionary (Published in Magma Poetry Issue 60 – The Freedom Issue and won second place in Stanza’s Best Poem of the Edinburgh Fringe Award, 2016).

High Tide (Published in Tiferet, 2014).

Goddess (Published in Tiferet, 2015).

Grilled Miracles (Published in The Buringword Journal, 2015).

Wurds (Published in Poetry Scotland, 2015).

Liberation (Published in Poetry Scotland, 2015).

The Start of the Past (Published in Liminality, 2015).

Walking Three Miles (Published in 30 Poems in 30 Days, 2o15).

Unspoken (Published in 30 Poems in 30 Days, 2015).

Nature’s Scheme (Published in the anthology ‘Collecting Water While it Rains, 2016).

Long Day (Published in Tiferet, 2016).

Last Season (Published in Revolution Issue, Magma, 2016).

North (Published in Ink, Sweat and Tears, 2016).

The World’s Greatest Poets (Published in the Glasgow Review, 2016, republished in the Women with Fierce Words Anthology 2017).

Wild Air (Published in Gutter, 2016).

Union (Published in Vox Poetica, 2017).

Souvenir (Published in Vox Poetica, 2017).

Shifts (Published in Vox Poetica, 2017).

Needlework (Forthcoming in ‘A Change in Climate’, 2017).