Long Day


Long Day

Inspired by conversations with G.

If there were words
which really exposed
us, would we feel more
imprisoned or more exposed,
versions of ourselves
waving opinions
walking on moors
through high mountain passes.

Mystery is the hard part
when our whole life
we have been demystifying
working out the world
and the people around us
like one giant
algebra equation.

x really does equal
something. And so does
y. z too has a
precise and exquisite meaning.

The lesson we
didn’t quite grasp
is that next time it
might mean something different.
That is what practice
would show us. Yet, however hard
we listen and study
we may always be questions
never be right.

Somewhere in the depth
of our confusion when x proves
illusive and the mountain paths
are steep and hard. The sun
does not explain its brightness.
There is a moment where having no
answer is the only answer.
This earth. This heart. This breath.

Our story is sung by birds
wrapped in vines of trees
washed over by the sea.
And we can let it all go 
All our answers and claims becoming
droplets, birdsong, ocean.

Catriona Knapman

(Published Tiferet, 2016).